Google Maps prepares Android homescreen widget w/dynamic colors

Google Maps prepares Android homescreen widget w/dynamic colors

The furthest down the line expansion to Google’s quickly developing index of Android homescreen widgets is a convenient search widget for Google Maps.

Google transferred to the Play Store. At the point when we decompile these records (called APKs, on account of Android applications), we’re ready to see different lines of code inside that allude to conceivable future elements. Remember that Google might possibly at any point transport these provisions, and our understanding of what they are might be defective. We’ll attempt to empower those that are nearer to being done, notwithstanding, to show you what they’ll look like for the situation that they do send. In light of that, read on.

Google Maps search widget

In the course of recent months, fully expecting Android 12’s Material You upgrade — just as the Pixel 6, which has widely utilized Material You and widgets in publicizing — Google has been mixing it up of homescreen widgets to their applications.

With the beta update to variant 11.0 of Google Maps, carrying out now by means of the Play Store, there’s work being done to present a new homescreen widget. While it’s not right now accessible to utilize, our Dylan Roussel had the option to physically empower the Google Maps widget to show it in real life.

Comparable in plan to the as of late added Chrome Quick Action Search widget, the Maps widget includes an unmistakable search bar, with four shortcuts underneath, for example, “Home,” “Restaurants,” “Bakery,” and “Groceries.” These ideas seem, by all accounts, to be equivalent to the line of choices recorded underneath the inquiry bar in the principle application.

Similarly as you’d expect, the widget can be resized uninhibitedly, adding or eliminating alternate ways as you make it more extensive or taller. While altogether less valuable, the widget is shockingly lovable when cut back to 3 x 2. On Android 12, the widget takes on the colors of your wallpaper.

As an intriguing side note, we’ve affirmed that the impending widget is at present ready to just show up for widgets on Android 11 or fresher. Probably, widgets without Android 12 and its dynamic colors system will essentially show the blue shades, as found in the patched up Gmail.

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