Google Pixel phones get bedtime 'feature drops' and security tools

  • 02-June-2020

Google declared Monday that new highlights are going to its Pixel phones. In its most recent "feature drop," the tech giant said it's bringing new tools to Android gadgets that attention on security and helping individuals improve sleep. Google is likewise bringing an adaptive battery to its Pixel lineup, which expects to all the more likely foresee when the battery will run out and to diminish background activity.

Last December, the organization commenced "feature drops," which roll out every three months. Monday's declaration is its third "feature drop." Google's first drop included photograph features and automatic call screening. The second round brought AR impacts and more display highlights.

In this third drop, Google's bedtime feature in Clock expects to assist clients with making a predictable sleep plan and to restrain screen time. Individuals can fall asleep to quieting sounds and set up an alert to wake up with good music. Google will likewise tell clients how much time they're spending alert on which applications on the off chance that they use their phone after bedtime.

Google is additionally bringing its Personal Safety application to all Pixel gadgets (it used to just be on Pixel 4). What's more, Pixel 3 will get car crash detection. The organization is presenting new safety features as well, for example, an approach to plan a check-in from the application.

"For example, if you're about to go on a run or hike alone, safety check will make sure you made it back safely," Tok Tokuda, technical program manager for Pixel, wrote in a blog post. "If you don't respond to the scheduled check-in, the app will alert your emergency contacts. If you need immediate help or are in a dangerous situation, emergency sharing notifies all of your emergency contacts and shares your real-time location through Google Maps so they can send help or find you."

Google is additionally updating its Recorder application to allow clients to begin, stop, and search voice recordings with Google Assistant. Individuals can also save those transcripts to Google Docs.

These new updates will roll out to all Pixel clients throughout the next fourteen days.

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