Google will update its older Chromecast with Google TV to Android 12

  • 24-September-2022

  Today, Google launched its latest streaming gadget, the Chromecast with Google TV. The gadget offers HD streaming and is likewise priced at a truly reasonable $29.99. Presently, apparently Google will likewise be updating its older Chromecast with Google TV unit. While the organization didn't have an official declaration, it went on record to state that it will update the two-year-old model giving it new existence with Android 12. Google, stating that it will carry an update to the gadget at some point soon. Tragically, Google didn't give an exact timeline of when this update would show up. Since its release, the Chromecast with Google TV hasn't gotten that much attention. Try not to get the wrong idea here, the gadget was never been abandoned, yet the updates delivered so far have been rather lackluster. In its latest update in July, the software update delivered fixes for applications that were definitely disliking 4K HDR and DRM video playback. It likewise packs in performance improvements and bug fixes. Generally, the older model has just gotten minor updates, security patches, and bug fixes. While there is no great explanation regarding the reason why the Chromecast with Google TV 4K model has been neglected, the issue originates from an absence of storage space on the streaming device. Since it just has 8GB of onboard storage, it doesn't take long to fill up once you have applications installed. Besides, the issue becomes more articulated once you begin updating the installed apps. While speaking to a representative for Google about this issue, they basically alluded to performance and storage enhancements that were recently declared throughout the summer. Albeit the Android 12 update will be valued, generally, it likely won't offer a whole lot for the Chromecast with Google TV. Clients can expect support for a higher resolution menu UI, added privacy features, and other little changes.

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