Gutian's International Perspective: Buddhist Cultural Exchanges and Mutual Learning between Civilizations

  • 26-September-2023

Gutian:Seeking development through "fungi" and promoting communication through "Buddha"


September 25-27, 2023 Beijing Time, the Forum on Master Yuanying and the Sinicization of Religion with the theme of "wisdom mutual learning · harmony and integration" successfully held in Gutian China . Representatives of governments, Chinese compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, overseas Chinese, and prominent monks and scholars studying the Sinicization of Buddhism from around the world, and enthusiasts of Yuanying culture, gathered in Gutian to actively engage in cultural exchanges and enhance mutual learning among civilizations.


Master Yuan Ying is a patriotic monk and Buddhist leader in modern China. He always adheres to the spirit of " compassion, fearlessness, and selflessness" and has made many contributions to the development of Buddhist culture around the world. As the birthplace of Master Yuanying, Gutian relies on the forum activities of Master Yuanying and the Sinicization of Religion to fully inherit and promote Yuanying culture. While polishing the cultural card of "Patriotic Monk Yuanying's Hometown", it promotes Buddhist cultural exchange and enhances mutual learning among world civilizations.


The three-day event was rich and colorful, The main forum is grand. An academic forum was held to study Yuan Ying culture, calligraphy and painting pen club for literary friends, as well as activities such as visiting Cuiping Lake and Yuan Ying's former residence Duanshang Village. It conforms to the theme of the forum "wisdom mutual learning and harmony integration", and conveys the spirit of equality, harmony and mutual integration to the world. This is highly consistent with the core values of peace, exchange, respect and inclusiveness in the "the Belt and Road", and is also closely linked with the theme of peace and development in the contemporary world.


At the time of the Han Dynasty, Buddhism spread to China through the "the Belt and Road" ancient Silk Road. Over time, it has been integrated with China's social system, culture and people's life, gradually forming a rich and bright Chinese Buddhist culture, which has also become part of China's excellent traditional culture.


In recent years, Gutian County has made great efforts to build an "open Gutian" through "fungi", actively integrated into the national "the Belt and Road" development strategy, actively played the advantages of edible fungi industry, built a cooperation platform, strengthened exchanges and cooperation with countries along the "the Belt and Road", and jointly promoted foreign assistance and sustainable development of fungus technology.


Based on this event, Gutian County also uses "Buddha" as a platform to gather friends from around the world, protect the treasures of world Buddhist culture, and build a platform for world civilization learning through Buddhist cultural exchange, highlighting the charm of Eastern traditional culture and showcasing Gutian's international perspective.





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