Henry Cavill’s Next Play: ‘Warhammer 40,000’ Series for Amazon

  • 16-December-2022

Even though Henry Cavill isn't wearing a red cape, he has a cool new job.

The popular science-fiction fantasy miniature wargame Warhammer 40,000, which is set up at Amazon, has been attached to the actor, who officially hung up his Man of Steel cape on Wednesday after Warner Bros. announced it was going in a new Superman direction thanks to DC Studio heads James Gunn and Peter Safran.

After months of negotiations and fighting off rival companies that also sought the rights, Amazon is in final negotiations for the game's rights, which were developed by Games Workshop.

Vertigo Entertainment is attached to executive produce, but no writers or showrunners are attached.

Similar to Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer features intricate miniatures that players can place and move around a model-constructed battlefield or world. Dice are used in the game. In the 1980s, Games Workshop produced D&D miniatures and released the game in 1987. It has become the most widely played miniature wargame in the world, spawning numerous competitors.

The game takes place 40,000 years into the future, in a very dark world. With gods and demons forming part of a theological class system, human civilization has stopped progressing and is in a never-ending war with magical and alien beings.

The people make up the Imperium of Man, who are strategic. The Necron are a race of androids that resemble skeletons; In addition to Orks, there is a race of elves known as Aeldari; Tyranids are repulsive aliens; Additionally, the blue-skinned T'au alien race may provide some hope.

Cavill paints figures and is known to be a Warhammer fan. This is not the next project for Cavill, who recently announced that he would be leaving his lead role in Netflix's The Witcher due to the project's early stage — to reiterate, Amazon has not yet closed the deal.

However, it is an ambitious move by Amazon and could result in an epic show that combines a wide range of human and non-human characters with major sci-fi and fantasy elements.

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