Henry Colin Wright the new artist on the block

Henry Colin Wright the new artist on the block

Henry Colin Wright is a musical artist based in the England. He was born on the 16th October 2003 which currently makes him 17 years old. The talent young teenage singer has recently in the last couple of months brought out a brand new single called “Here for you”. The song is all about being a loyal & good friend to one another (especially through tough times like lockdown when a lot of people are struggling) and being there for each other no matter what as true friendship last forever. Henry said that while writing this song he really wanted to motivate the listeners with his lyrics. Henry also says that the song is mainly about how when people doubt you or say you can’t achieve something in life, you can’t let that get you down and you’ve got to keep working hard to achieve your end goals. This is Henry’s third single after “Together we are stronger” and “Lonely inside” however as previously mentioned the artist is only 17 years old and is hoping to write many more songs in the near future.

We decided to ask the teenage singer-songwriter some questions about his career and future

You can find the highlights and hear our full interview below!

So how did you start writing the song? Did you start with the chorus about being there for each other or did you start off writing the motivational rap that’s heard in the song In between Choruses?

Henry Colin Wright: I actually completely finished the whole entire rap before I even started on the choirs, I generally tend to write the versus first before the choirs in all my songs, I come up with a bunch of relatable and meaningful lyrics that I try to rhyme together to make some versus then once I’ve decided I’m happy with those parts of the song I then go on and try to come up with a hook for the song that still stays on a similar topic that the rest of the song is about.

2020 has been a hard year for us all, do you think that’s part of the reason why you wrote this song?

Henry Colin Wright: not so much with the verses of the song as they where just really meant to motivate people to be there best self in general but definitely with the choirs it’s all about being there for other people and we certainly need to be there for each other through tough times like the present. The choirs represents a feeling of togetherness and I feel many people have come together this year to support each other so yes part of the reason why I wrote those lyrics in the choirs and called the song “Here for you” was because of the kind of year we’ve all experienced. As far as the lyrics in the versus are concerned, I wrote them to try and motivate people listening to work hard and not to let people who doubt them stop them from achieving their goals.

What is next for you and your music?

Henry Colin Wright: I’m just going to keep working hard and stay focused on getting my music out there as much as possible so hopefully you’ll be hearing more of my songs in the near future.

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