Hip Hop Artist Bagzamilleon explains how his Lyrics are a reflection of his Life Experiences

  • 06-June-2020

Rapper Bagzamilleon has dope lyrics in his songs, and he says some are drawn from his real-life experiences. He touches on issues that many people can relate to. Some of them are inspirational and encouraging and will make you work hard to achieve your goals. Here is a look at some of his songs and how he successfully tells his story through lyrics.

The first lyrics he ever wrote was titled Why Pops when he was only 13 years old. The song was about his father, who was not there when he needed him the most. At 23, he did a mixtape called "Ethel Street," which revolved around his street life endeavors. He lived in the streets for ten years and captured some of the troubles in the lyrics.

In 2017 Bagzamilleon released a song titled Trap Mogul, which was also inspired by his past. "It's a song that talks about how I came from my city and my era of growing up, and how people from there were always hating on me," he said. He proves them wrong by narrating how he went from being poor and homeless to be able to sustain himself well.

The term trap mogul defines artists with over a million sold out tracks. It inspires him to know that he, too, can get there. Bagzamilleon explains how the song is not only motivational to him but hopes that many listeners are inspired by it. "I want them to understand that you can make it if you keep grinding hard," he added.

"Someone like me - where I come from, and the type of area I'm from is like crabs in a bucket - and to make it out from that bucket, you have to work. No matter what you do, just keep grinding, and you're going to make it."

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