How Xiaomi Smart Band 8 and 7 compare

  • 28-September-2023

Shrewd groups have become famous embellishments for wellness fans and people who need to follow their wellbeing and health. Xiaomi, a main brand in the customer innovation market, offers two noteworthy brilliant groups - the Xiaomi Shrewd Band 8 and the Xiaomi Savvy Band 7. In this examination, we will investigate the elements and particulars of these two shrewd groups and perceive how they stack facing one another.


The Xiaomi Shrewd Band 8 elements aspects of 48mm x 22.5mm x 10.99mm and weighs 27g. It has a smooth and smaller plan that makes it agreeable to wear on the wrist. Then again, the Xiaomi Savvy Band 7 has marginally more modest elements of 42.81mm x 25.42mm x 9.99mm and weighs 14.9g. It likewise offers a movable band lash, permitting clients to see as the ideal fit. The two groups are produced using TPU, guaranteeing sturdiness and a lightweight vibe.


The Xiaomi Brilliant Band 8 flaunts a bigger and more lively showcase with a 1.62-inch AMOLED contact screen. It offers a goal of 192 x 490 pixels, giving clear visuals and simple route. In examination, the Xiaomi Savvy Band 7 highlights a 1.47″ TFT show with a goal of 172 x 320 pixels. While it may not be pretty much as high-goal as the Savvy Band 8, it actually conveys respectable splendor and clearness.


As far as sensors, the Xiaomi Shrewd Band 8 comes furnished with a high accuracy 6-pivot sensor, which empowers precise following of different proactive tasks. Then again, the Xiaomi Savvy Band 7 elements a PPG sensor and an accelerometer, guaranteeing dependable wellness and wellbeing observing capacities.

Xiaomi Brilliant Band 8 backings more than 150 games modes, including the imaginative 'running bean mode', which, when enacted, permits the band to be set in a running unit attached to a shoestring, offering an itemized breakdown of 13 expert information understandings. Moreover, the Band 8 gives ceaseless pulse location, blood oxygen observing, rest, and respiratory checking. Then again, the Xiaomi Brilliant Band 7 offers a significant jump from its ancestor with 120 wellness modes, up from the 30 on the Mi Band 6. Regardless of this noteworthy number, it actually misses the mark concerning the Band 8's contributions. The Band 7 likewise includes pulse and blood oxygen checking.


The Xiaomi Shrewd Band 8 is outfitted with a 190mAh battery, giving an ordinary use season of no less than 16 days. It upholds attractive charging and can be completely energized in around 60 minutes. Then again, the Xiaomi Shrewd Band 7 offers a somewhat bigger limit battery of 210mAh, conveying a commonplace use season of 14 days. It likewise upholds attractive charging and takes under 120 minutes to charge completely.


As far as valuing, the Xiaomi Savvy Band 8 is evaluated at EUR 39.9 (Giztop), while the Xiaomi Shrewd Band 7 comes at a more reasonable cost of around $40 worldwide.

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