Important points in the structure of pop music from the language of the top Iranian musicians and DJs, Mr. DJ ALEX AliDAD

  • 14-October-2021

Familiarity with the important points in the structure of a pop music because of the great knowledge and knowledge that it gives you can greatly make you more professional in music. Many novice musicians are not completely familiar with the structure and components of a pop music, which can somehow negatively affect the outcome of their work. Basic acquaintance with the structure of music   The songs that we hear today (preferably pop) are composed of different sentences or so-called parts, which in the stage of composing the melody and arranging the song, these parts are made short or long according to the tastes of the arranger or composer. All these parts and sentences are put together with a final decision and form a song.     Components of a song   One of the most widely used structures in pop music today is that we have an intro at the beginning of a piece. In fact, Intro is a melody that is played at the beginning of the music by each instrument. After the intro, we reach the first verse of the song (First Verse). One bit, two bits and even more.   After the first verse of the song, we see the most important part of the song called the chorus. The actors of a song, from the poet to the arranger, all put their effort and focus on the crest of the song so that this part is engraved in the mind of the audience.

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