Important principles of fashion according to Shaghayegh Karimi

  • 14-February-2022

Fashion is a term used in the modern world to judge your situation and taste. Fashion is to try the latest styles in clothing, accessories and related things.

Fashion is what makes you stand out in today's society, and it's how people judge you about your place in the fashion world. Fashion is likely to greatly affect young people and clothing business owners.

Fashion changes at every moment and many people are interested in upgrading and updating themselves in this field. There have been many changes in fashion and it is very different from the older generations. The field of fashion has developed and changed a lot in the last 10 years.

Of course, it can not be ignored that fashion in today's world shows most of the Western clothes, because they have cultures that have explored a lot in the field of fashion. Of course, we have used this advantage recently, but we have also been able to achieve a good position.

 In Iran, we worked on developed fashion and tried to improvise it. Wearing all kinds of clothes is part of the world of fashion, and that is why it is important to try new clothes.

 Is fashion needed in today's world:

Fashion is much needed in this modern world, because we have to update ourselves with the growing culture and features of fashion. Fashion is not only introduced in the lives of people in society, but also in the daily lives of ordinary people to be accepted by all. You should always consider what you should wear based on the location.

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