Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic more fashionable or sleeker than the Google Pixel Watch 2?

  • 18-November-2023

The first Pixel Watch was a decent first endeavor from Google, yet it was let somewhere near unfortunate battery duration and missing elements. The Pixel Watch 2 expects to further develop things, furnishing 24 hours of battery duration with AOD on instead of off lastly giving programmed exercise following.

Enhancements are constantly valued, yet Google is as yet playing make up for lost time, which brings up the issue: might the Pixel at any point Watch 2 rival the Samsung Universe Watch 6 Work of art and rank among the best smartwatches around?

Value, accessibility, and specs

The Pixel Watch 2 expenses $350 for the Bluetooth model and $400 for LTE network. It's accessible from the Google Store and a few significant retailers in the accompanying nine nations: the US, Joined Realm, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland (Wi-Fi just), Japan, and Taiwan.

The System Watch 6 Exemplary is accessible practically overall from Samsung and most retailers. Dissimilar to the Pixel Watch, it comes in two sizes, and both can be had regardless of LTE. The 43mm expenses $400 for Bluetooth and $450 for LTE, and the 47mm comes in at $430 for Bluetooth and $480 for LTE.


The Pixel Watch looks generally equivalent to it did the year before. It's a straightforward, bended watch that looks delightful. The left side is clear, while the right has two buttons and a computerized crown for looking at content. The watch groups are, tragically, restrictive, so if you need to supplant them with something from an outsider, you'll have to see as one planned in light of the Pixel Watch 2.

The Universe Watch 6 Exemplary is additionally a round observe however seems to be a conventional watch. Both watches look awesome: the Pixel Watch 2 for its straightforward polish and the Watch 6 Exemplary for its traditional style. There are two buttons on the right, and on second thought of a computerized crown, we have a turning bezel around the showcase. Both do exactly the same thing, however the mechanical-feeling clicks from the Watch 6 Exemplary are really fulfilling, and it's all the more effectively open paying little heed to which wrist you wear the watch on.

Samsung procured a great deal of commendation for the new delivery system for the lashes this year, and perhaps of the best thing about them is that they're standard 20mm groups, dissimilar to the Pixel Watch 2 lashes. Samsung's new lashes can connect to any old Cosmic system Watch or any smartwatch from different organizations that utilization 20mm groups.

Something you'll see when you attempt these watches on is the size contrast. The World Watch 6 Exemplary comes in 43mm and 47mm choices, and both feel huge, because of the stout plan. The Pixel Watch 2 comes in a single size — 41mm. It's a modest watch. This will be a main consideration in which gadget you choose to get. Individuals with little wrists probably will not have the option to deal with the sheer size of the Watch 6 Work of art, while the people who favor bigger watches will loathe the Pixel Watch 2.


The showcase is one of the main pieces of any gadget, yet particularly on a smartwatch. The showcase should be sufficiently sharp to deliver text, adequately splendid to be seen outside appropriately, and have incredible review points, so you can look at your wrist.

The Pixel Watch 2 has a 1.2-inch AMOLED show that can arrive at 1,000 nits top brilliance. That is very great, however it just puts it on a similar level as the Universe Watch 4 from 2021. Interestingly, the Watch 6 Exemplary accompanies a 1.3 or 1.5-inch AMOLED show that can wrench up to 2,000 nits. The Pixel Watch isn't faint, however the splendor contrast is observable, with the Watch 6 Exemplary fighting daylight like it isn't even there.


Both watches run Wear operating system 4.0, with the Universe Watch 6 Exemplary overlaying it with One UI Watch 5.0. Highlights are basically something very similar, yet the plan and design are unique. The Pixel Watch has you swipe up from the base for warnings, while the Cosmic system Watch has them to one side.

The Pixel Watch accompanies Google Fit and can likewise utilize Fitbit highlights. Sadly, many things are locked behind a Fitbit Premium membership on the Pixel Watch 2, and you just get a 6-month free preliminary with the watch.

The Universe Watch 6 Exemplary purposes Samsung Wellbeing, and the highlights are broad, with all the typical following information and investigation and gathering difficulties. There is just something single locked behind a membership: high level wheezing examination through Rest Cycle. Without the membership, the watch can in any case screen everything about your rest and record wheezing; it in all likelihood will not break down the wheezing information.

One strange constraint of Samsung's wellbeing suite is that ECG and circulatory strain checking is just accessible when the watch is matched with a Samsung telephone.

Battery duration and charging

The Pixel Watch has a 306mAh battery, while the Universe Watch 6 Exemplary has either a 300mAh or 425mAh battery, contingent upon which size you get. The Pixel Watch 2 can go on around 24 hours with AOD turned on and with an evening of rest following. The Universe Watch 6 Exemplary can endure right around two days with two rest following meetings and AOD turned on, while the bigger model endures a little more than two days.

All that's needed is more than an hour to charge to 100 percent for both watches, yet you'll make some better memories with the Universe Watch 6 Work of art. Google has chosen to utilize pin charging on the Pixel Watch 2, so you'll have to arrange them to guarantee it charges, and you can't put it down on a remote charging cushion.

In the interim, all World Watch 6 models utilize remote charging, however it isn't a similar Qi charging from your telephone. All things considered, it utilizes the WPC standard. The terrible news is that it precludes a great deal of Qi chargers you as of now have. Fortunately there are a lot of WPC-viable chargers accessible, including Samsung's brilliant Remote Charger Couple, which has a magnet to hold the Universe Watch 6 Exemplary set up and can charge your telephone simultaneously.

Which would it be a good idea for you to purchase?

We stood by so lengthy for Google to make its own smartwatch, yet even with this superior second era, it's a hard watch to suggest. The battery duration, charging, and includes locked behind Fitbit Premium are difficult to look past contrasted with the Cosmic system Watch 6 Work of art, which just cutoff points wheezing examination behind a membership and can outlive the Pixel by over a day.

Cost is additionally a significant variable here. The more modest Watch 6 Exemplary is just $50 more than the Pixel Watch, however you need to recollect that these are the exceptional variants of the Watch 6. Assuming that is too costly, the standard Watch 6 models have similar advantages, sans the actual bezel, and begin at a similar cost as the Pixel Watch 2.

That to the side, One UI Watch isn't a great fit for everybody, and Pixel perfectionists will see the value in the straightforward programming and equipment plan, to offset the negatives. All things considered, the Pixel Watch 2 is as yet a decent smartwatch, and individuals who get one will appreciate it.

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