Jackbox Party Pack 9 is coming to Google Stadia

  • 22-August-2022

  Google Stadia is getting one more new title from the Jackbox index, with the most recent version of the game, Jackbox Party Pack 9, affirmed to show up on the platform. On its site this week, Jackbox Games formally affirmed that Party Pack 9 would be coming to Stadia this Fall. The mentioned was first spotted on the r/Stadia subreddit. Alongside Stadia, the game will likewise be gone to Amazon Luna's Jackbox subscription channel. This doesn't come as a tremendous surprise, as Jackbox joined Stadia before year with Party Pack 6, 7, and 8. In any case, it's good to see the game show up, as it's become progressively considered normal that sequels of games currently on Stadia - like the NBA 2K franchise, Madden 23, and others come to mind - simply haven't been coming to Google's platform. It's likewise an extraordinary option for those hoping to remotely play Jackbox. While screen sharing over platforms, for example, Zoom or Discord have been normal with Jackbox, particularly over the pandemic, Stadia's new Party Stream feature offers a much more straightforward method for sharing the game to other people, as Google showed last week with one of the games currently accessible. Jackbox Party Pack 9 will incorporate five new games when it shows up on Google Stadia and different platforms. The new list incorporates the fourth installment of the franchise’s excellent Figgbage game, as well as Quixort, Junktopia, Nonsensory, and Roomerang. There is no set release date for Party Pack 9 as of now.

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