Khan sultan a celebrity photographer with mindblowing ideas

  • 02-July-2021

Khan sultan was born on 22nd October 1998 in the city of dreams mumbai.
He started his journey by choosing the field of Photography and went ahead with this as his career he has a great knowledge of of field, lines, curves,frames,contrast, color, viewpoint,depth, negative space, filledspace, foreground,background, visual tension, and shapes.

Sultan’s hobbies include gaming and creating things of his own mindset. His favourite actor is Salman khan as he inspires his personality. He dreams to fulfil his parent’s dreams and wishes as they have always supported him no matter what the situation is.

Sultan’s work is loved by many people as he has worked with famous celebrity Badshah and many more.

It has absolutely not been easy for him to reach where he is today he has definitely given all his time and effort to his work in order to reach this level of success we wish this talented man a great future ahead.

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