Kim Kardashian West: Pop Culture Queen, or Plastic Surgery Vulture?

  • 22-November-2019

Social media can be a pretty ruthless place. Users on Twitter and Instagram have platforms that enable direct interaction with their favorite celebrities. While this can be fantastic for the fan experience, it can be pretty devastating if you’re accused of something negative. In a recent case, Kim Kardashian West has been dealing with a particularly nasty influx of vitriol after facing accusations of thieving fashion and beauty styles from the Queen of American Music herself - Beyonce Knowles. In the latest accusations lobbed at her by social media users, Kim has apparently bypassed stealing outfits and moved onto something much more heinous. After noticing a trend of Kim stealing outfits and makeup designs from Queen B, users noticed that the two pop culture icons both posted similar selfies, in which their faces, hair and makeup were strikingly similar. Now, people think that Kim may be utilizing plastic surgery from NYC or LA doctors to look like the pop megastar. 

Kim K - From Girl Next Door to Beauty Business Mogul

Kim Kardashian West in no way came from humble beginnings, but the pop culture princess has definitely risen in social ranks. In the past decade, she went from starring in and making her own fitness tapes to owning and operating multiple makeup and fashion lines. After marrying hip hop Messiah figure Kanye West, Kim’s brand has only skyrocketed in terms of recognizability and following. Earlier this year, she also expanded her achievements to include that of activist, after meeting with president Trump to discuss criminal justice reform.

However, on Kim’s road to fame she has gone through a number of looks. From cornrows to contour, the beauty brand ambassador has embodied a number of different styles, some of which have drawn her criticism. Earlier this summer, upon releasing a new shapewear line, Kim was heavily criticized for naming the brand “Kimono.” However, the shapewear clothing has little resemblance to the traditional Japanese robe. Fans have commented on the fact that Kim’s appropriation of the term has the potential to erase the cultural definition of kimono, especially considering the icon’s reach and status.

Kim has also been accused of cultural appropriation for other actions, but has always apologized and claimed to learn from the experience. However, that hardly seems to be the case, and she continually makes the same mistake on a regular basis. This has led some fans and commentators to believe that Kim isn’t interested in learning from anything, and that her singular goal is to make a profit off of other people’s experiences. Which leads us to the scandal at hand …

Has Kim Had Plastic Surgery? 

While fans are quick to accuse Kim of having procedures to look like Queen B, the truth is that the jury is still out on whether or not Ms. Kardashian West has even had procedures. As is, she has only admitted in interviews to having filler procedures, and some Botox done. However, when it comes to the business mogul having had plastic surgery, NYC professionals have weighed in with their professional opinions.

In August of 2018, plastic surgery experts sat down with Mirror to discuss the likelihood of whether or not Miss. Kardashian West could’ve had any procedures done. Apparently, the probability of this is very high, once experts truly got a good look. For instance, they were quick to theorize that Kim has had fat transfer procedures done to get the butt she has. Kim, however, has insisted that her bum is 100% natural. She has even gone so far as to submit x-rays to media outlets to prove she’s never had silicone implants. The thing about that, though, is that fat transfers wouldn’t show up on x-rays. Fat transfers would also explain her lightning-fast growth, which most experts agree would take much longer to do naturally.

Experts also asserted that Kim has likely had cheek fillers, rhinoplasties, breast augmentation, a lifted hairline, liposuction, and a slew of other procedures to explain all of the stunning physical transforming that Kim has managed to pull off. And while Kim continues to deny, the experts all agree that it’s probably lies. What this means, then, is that Kim is willing to lie to media outlets in order to push the idea that one can achieve the same level of physical change that Kim has. This allows her to sell your beauty and fitness products to more people, whose naivete make them perfect consumers.

Kim Has Stolen Before, and There’s Plenty of Proof

More evidence that substantiates fan theories is the fact that Kim has been caught copping outfits from fellow celebrities plenty of times. Besides the numerous times she’s been eyeballed wearing looks that Beyonce definitely pulled off first (cloning Queen B? read here), there is also an entire photo gallery of looks she’s taken from Naomi Campbell. Whether or not she is trying to pay homage to these women as she says, the fact remains that Kim often sees looks worn by blacks female celebrities and decides to incorporate them into her own style repertoire. 

What makes this problematic and not wholesome is that Kim often defends her theft and claims ignorance to the fact that women of color wore these outfits first. When confronted about her wearing Beyonce’s iconic Versace-styled buckle dress, she defended herself by giving credit to the white model who originally wore the dress in the early 90s. By erasing the black identity of certain fashion looks, Beyonce incorrectly gives credits for black creations to white women. This is further evidence that Kim isn’t nearly as inclusive as she would like to be seen. It’s “Kimono” all over again.

Plastic surgery NYC experts, attentive fans, and other celebrities have all called out Kim for her fashion theft and inappropriate appropriations. While the pop culture princess has denied allegations over and over again, at this point it’s hard to deny her wrongdoings. Kim Kardashian West had demonstrated a tendency to use whatever means are at her disposal to further her brand, and we as consumers should be conscious of that. 

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