Kody White: A name synonym with YouTube, growing as an entrepreneur each day

  • 09-May-2020

White supports youngsters like him to cash in some high profits through YouTube monetization.

Digitization of almost all industries was meant to happen; this was a future that people saw many years ago to earn money from it. But, the interesting part of all this was that people never knew that online platforms like YouTube too could provide an income stream for people, so much so that some could even earn in millions. We know a young man of 20 years of age from Avondale, Arizona, USA who changed the game of the digital platform not only for him but many others like him who only desired of earning well. We are talking about Kody White. He studied from Westview High, Avondale, Arizona & while he was still in his early teens also worked as a dishwasher & earned $4 an hour. Can you guess the net worth of this guy today? It is $3,500,000. Well, yes, this is true & White has very smartly made choices in his life to transform it entirely. Initially, as a dishwasher, he saved a lot of money & got himself an Elgato Capture Card that made him get into gaming videos. By making gaming videos, he saw the potential of the gaming space to expand his business through YouTube.

When White was all of 15, he started to grow his cash cow channels, but little did he know then, that any business at the start can probably run into failures. However, this never stopped White & finally in 2016, his first channel saw the light of the day through YouTube. As he worked day & night for growing his channels, he even gathered a lot of experience & working methods which he slowly started applying to his other channels.

The working methods helped his channel to become a hit & this made him grow his other channels as well applying the same tricks. By 18, White already had six channels under him & made $10K a month. With this advancement in his career, he even bought a penthouse for himself in AZ & bought Mustang GT which proved many wrong who once thought that White wouldn't be able to make his career only through YouTube.

White shifted focus to expanding his cash cow YouTube channels with his growing success. With the channels becoming a hit, he grew more channels & doubled his profits every month. Through this success, he realised that he must share the secrets he learned to other youngsters like him & so he launched his business called YTMoney. This is a useful course created by him to help others build their own cash cow channels & earn money from it. Today, many of his clients have efficiently monetized the YouTube cash cow channels created by them with the help from YTMoney. In fact, one of White's top clients already earns $60,000 monthly as of 2020 & White himself made a whopping amount of $100,000 a month, by scaling his empire to newer heights.

White believes that to become successful; one must also follow a proper pattern or formula to work hard every day but also keep in mind that the hard work must be worth it in the end to give you the desired results.

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