Latest Software Update Enhances Garmin Smartwatch with Bug Fixes and New Features

  • 13-April-2024

The most recent smartwatch from Garmin now has its second software update available. The smartwatch now has support for the Garmin Messenger app and improved heart rate data gathering, among other changes, putting it on par with many other recent models. The update was released on its beta program.

Entering the Beta Program is Garmin's most recent smartwatch. To summarize, at the end of February, the company released the Forerunner 165 in the global market, which featured a compact AMOLED display and a battery life of up to 11 days, among other features. In Garmin's Forerunner series, the Forerunner 165 ultimately replaces the Forerunner 55 rather than creating a new category.

The Forerunner 165 has received updates prior to the release of Beta Version 19.09. Alternatively, about two weeks ago, Garmin released Software Version 9.24 for the smartwatch, which included eighteen modifications from the initial software. Without an official explanation, the Forerunner 165 has suddenly jumped through 10 software revisions, from Software Version 9.24 to Beta Version 19.09.

Garmin may be bringing the Forerunner 165 up to speed with devices like the Forerunner 265 and 955, which recently got comparable updates, though. The Forerunner 165 smartwatches can now download Beta Version 19.09, at any rate. Be aware that the update is only going to be automatically installed on Forerunner 165 Music units; Wi-Fi connectivity is not available on regular Forerunner 165 models. The Forerunner 165 is receiving seven updates as of Beta Version 19.09, according to Garmin's changelog.

Enhances accuracy during running activities by adding heart rate dynamic source switching to choose the optimal heart rate data source (watch or chest HRM).

Provides support for the Garmin Messenger app through both an app and a glance.

Use GPS to find the location where a phone lost connection while participating in an activity.

Corrects the device's and Connect's inconsistent ordering of activity profiles.

Fixes the music control's sporadic crashes.

Fixes the incoming call notification vibration that keeps happening.

Various UI improvements.

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