Learn How Edward Shatverov Is Dominating The E-Commerce Industry

  • 13-June-2020

E-commerce-based businesses are a growing trend in 2020. Since e-commerce started replacing regular retail and traditional businesses, having the know-how to engage in e-commerce has become more important. This is why entrepreneurs like Edward Shatverov are making a difference. Edward is a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. Edward was motivated to delve into the business world because of his desire to achieve financial freedom. He wanted to be able to work for himself on his own time and be able to do what he loves. Having his own businesses excited him because he would get to do what he was passionate about and share his creativity through his work.

Through his path toward building his own businesses, Edward also realized that becoming an entrepreneur does not necessarily require him to invent a new product, but that instead, it could mean finding suitable solutions to universal problems consumers experience. Edward realized he could also always create something that satisfied the needs of customers, depending on the market. Something that Edward advises is to surround yourself with supportive individuals who encourage you to get your mindset back to the right place, whenever you are down. Edward also believes having the correct mindset is very important. For Edward, timing is also of the essence.

He believes that no one should let the fear of competition discourage them from implementing their ideas. This would be a negative mindset that could cause entrepreneurs to miss out on potential opportunities. Another negative factor is fear, which impedes you from trying something by valuing the risk factor above the reward. According to Edward, fear holds people back to testing or believing in the ideas they come up with. Overcoming a negative mindset and fear will lead to success, which for Edward means reaching the goal you were trying to achieve.

For Edward, if you set a goal or a milestone you want to reach, and you are able to achieve it, you have been successful. This is why he will often set a milestone that is realistic to reach and set a plan aside in order to reach it. Edward’s next projects include building multiple strong reputable brands that have strengths in all aspects of business.

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