Limited editions of Arcanaut's Arc II Havender and Klint are now available for purchase

  • 29-November-2023

Denmark's Arcanaut is one of a little, affectionate band of free thinkers expecting to make Scandinavian plan and watch fabricating famous and to turn out to be practically independent, utilizing Swiss parts just for specific pieces of their developments.

Arcanaut's commitment is in high idea configuration, utilizing sculptural case shapes and surprising dial materials in blends never seen before in the watch business while never turning excessively far from the advantages of conventional horology.

The mission is found in Arcanaut's most recent Circular segment II watches, the Havender and Klint, which both utilize treated steel processed close to Copenhagen for their precise cases with dab impacted finish.

Those cases coordinate consistently into tradable lashes in colors depicted as Hatchet Red, Void Blue, Fett Green, Rex Brown, Kakarot Orange, Bondi Blue, Replicant White, and Dark.

They are controlled by Soprod A10 Swiss mechanical developments.

Arcanaut Bend II Havender

The Havender has a dial produced using a particular layer of Scandinavian mussel shells that have a meager internal layer ground into a fine power that is then comprised into a lilac-toned composite block prior to being processed into the roundabout cuts with white brilliant accents.

The dial should be visible through intense sword formed empty hands with white tips.

Making the dials is such a tedious and talented cycle that Arcanaut has simply dedicated to making 33 of the Havender watches.

Arcanaut Bend II Klint

Bend II Klint is portrayed as Arcanaut's most tranquil model in the family.

Its dials are produced using a fresh white titanium dioxide composite, matched with tone-on-tone white lume.

There will be 25 of the Klints delivered each year.

Both are evaluated at £3,202. They go marked down on November 30th with conveyances expected to start in the spring of 2024.

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