Lowest-Ever Price Drop For Apple Watch Ultra Now Available

  • 25-October-2023

This deal will buy you a Watch Ultra for the lowest price ever—$629—if you want to get one of the best watches Apple has to offer.

In our lives, smartwatches have become a helpful tool, particularly for people who prefer not to continuously stare at their phone screens. Apple produces some of the greatest; the Apple Watch Ultras are the priciest and most feature-rich models. Even if the Watch Ultra 2 is the newest model, the still-great Watch Ultra may still be purchased for a substantial discount. The Watch Ultra, which was only released a year ago, is now available at Best Buy for $629 instead of $799, the lowest price it's ever been. If you'd prefer to get it instead, Amazon has also lowered the price to $630.

Although the Apple Watch Ultra's tough appearance may lead one to believe that it is primarily designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it is far more adaptable than that. For instance, it has a brighter screen and a longer battery life than the majority of Apple Watches. As if that wasn't enough, the 49mm version of the app features dual-GPS frequencies, which is fantastic if you like to run or jog and , in addition to cellular frequencies.

Together with them, it has all of the tracking sensors and functions, such as heart-rate monitoring, VO2 Max, and the relatively new automobile crash detection functionality. Although there isn't an integrated app or metric to combine them all, similar to Garmin's Body Battery, the stats are available in full for viewing whenever you'd like, and third-party apps can make use of them. In addition, the Watch Ultra has a titanium body that makes it much more durable in the great outdoors and is water resistant up to 100 metres, making it ideal for athletes.

We can't discuss all of the fantastic features of the Watch Ultra here, but it's still worth reading CNET's comprehensive review of the device. Check out our comparison of the Watch Ultra 2 and the Watch Ultra if you're still undecided about which watch to choose. If you choose to get the more recent Watch Ultra 2, you can find some amazing discounts by looking through our Watch Ultra bargains.




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