Ludacris tracks down his 2021 rap stream with Gunna and Peanut Butter's assistance

  • 17-August-2021

Ludacris is regularly perceived for his role in the Fast and The Furious film franchise and songs, for example, "Area Codes" and "Get Back." But in a new campaign for Jif, fans can basically watch the Atlanta rap legend eat peanut butter by the spoonful. On Monday (August 16), Jif dropped an advertisement spot named "The Return" highlighting Ludacris and 28-year-old rapper Gunna who both marvel about the magical impacts the peanut butter has on Luda's rapping abilities. Directed by Dave Meyers, the visual gets going with Luda in the studio attempting to deliver his lines. In any case, when he takes a nibble of Jif, abruptly he's ready to dominate his lyrics and his hair changes into a giant Afro. As Gunna looks on, he says, "Man, that flow crazy." At a certain point, Luda lays back in a peanut butter pool and plunges a pretzel stick in it with a goofy smile on his face. However at that point Ludacris runs out of Jif as he's going to hit the stage and looks quickly lost. Fortunately, Gunna is there to make all the difference with another jar. “Those who know me know I am a die-hard peanut butter lover – I even have it on my rider,” Luda said in a statement. ” The opportunity to bring together two things I love – Jif peanut butter and hip hop music – was a creative challenge I just couldn’t pass up. “I’ve been anticipating getting back into the studio for a while now and I saw this as a cool way to merge the best of my roots, inspired by the amazing sounds from artists like Gunna, to see what new-to-the-world magic I could create.” Teaming up with Ludacris was a dream come true for the Young Stoner Life Records artist. “Working with Ludacris was a great experience,” Gunna tells HipHopDX. “Not only is he a legendary artist, but he’s an amazing actor as well. Seeing him kill it on set, scene after scene, was really inspiring to me. And as a rapper myself, he’s someone I’ve always looked up to. “Seeing talent like that born out of the same part of Atlanta — we even went to the same high school — just made me even more proud of the city I’m from. We got that heat! There’s so much amazing talent here and I’m glad that JIF gave us the opportunity to show that off.” Supports have been productive undertakings for rappers, particularly lately. From Snoop Dogg's campaigns with Tostitos and General Insurance to Ice-T's advertisement spots with TIDE, there's large chunk of change to be made in the commercial space. Gunna is essentially appreciative he was allowed the opportunity to try things out with JIF. “I’ve been grinding for years, coming up in the Hip Hop game — dropping hit after hit, partnering with Young Stoner Life Records and working on personal projects in between,” he says. “With JIF, I was given a platform to expand my image into a more commercial space and it’s only going to take me to new levels. I’m hyped to see where things go.” Notwithstanding the campaign, Jif will likewise be giving $25,000 to the Boys and Girls Club in the interest of Ludacris. To concur with the video, Ludacris and Gunna have dropped a cooperative single called "Butta ATL" also.

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