Manatt Lawyers sued for Racketeering Conspiracy

Manatt Lawyers sued for Racketeering Conspiracy

In an ironic state of affairs, three senior lawyers of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, have been named as co-conspirators in a $1.1B lawsuit filed in the US District courts. These three lawyers, Ileana M. Hernandez, Kenneth B. Julian and John M. LeBlanc, are said to have willingly participated in,  and helped execute a conspiracy to drive a legitimate and mental healthcare services provider, Sovereign Health Group, out of business in 2018. Please follow the link,, to access the complaint document against Manatt Lawyers and their alleged accomplices.

These allegedly rogue lawyers of Manatt maliciously targeted Sovereign Health Group’s CEO, Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, through a series of false statements made to various lawmakers and federal agencies including the FBI without even a shred of evidence.

On its website, Manatt claims to be a multidisciplinary, integrated national professional services firm known for quality and an extraordinary commitment to clients. With the serious charges made against Manatt’s lawyers in the, it seems that the firm, or at least some of its lawyers, have taken its commitment to clients a bit too seriously and do not think twice before stepping out of the line and engaging in unlawful activities.

The three allegedly crooked lawyers of Manatt hatched up and executed a conspiracy on the behest of their client, Michael Neidorff, CEO of Centene Corporation, so as to help him bury his various actions and inactions as the chief executive of one of the largest insurance companies in the America.

The conspiracy, wherein Manatt Lawyers were willing and active participants, was aimed at stopping Sovereign in its attempt to recover millions of dollars that Health Net, a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, owed to Sovereign. Centene, in its statutory filings for 2016 had apparently not disclosed outstanding claims on Health Net worth hundreds of million dollars, which were being pursued by Sovereign and several other healthcare providers.

Accepting the financial liability and its consequences will have proven a definite roadblock in the acquisition of Health Net by Centene in 2016. In effect, Manatt Lawyers apparently helped Michael Neidorff hide about 300 Million Dollars worth liability from the company’s balance sheet.

This conspiracy enabled Centene’s CEO Michael Neidorff and its Board of Directors to sign off Health Net’s acquisition and book huge profits by the company , a portion of which they claimed as their own personal compensation in cash and stocks. This makes Manatt lawyers accomplices in insider trading of over $20M of shares that Michael Neidorff sold later on.

In the opinion of some industry experts, if the allegations in the lawsuit prove to be true, it will not only be the biggest blot on a law firm of the stature of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, but will also look bad on the legal profession as a whole and that would be a real shame.

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