Matt Movin & Why You Should Know Him

Matt Movin & Why You Should Know Him

Matt Movin’ has a fresh new original sound that is gaining a high popularity and fan base nationwide. The 28-year-old Chattanooga Native is much more than just an average run of the mill up and coming artist. The pictures his lyrics paint on blank sheets of paper are easily comparable to what Michelangelo accomplished on the ceiling of the Sisteen Chapel.

More often than not, artists try too hard to convince their audiences and listeners alike, of their capabilities or reputations through a misguided form of ‘machoism’ or overbearing bravado, and again (at the expense of sounding redundant) more often than not it just comes across as more obnoxious and insecure than anything ‘believable.’

Matt Movin’ excels at dodging this proverbial ‘bullet’ as he doesn’t have to try to convince anyone of anything. To use a familiar phrase “The proof is in the pudding.”

His approach lyrically is as complex as a Shakespearean play, and just as entertaining. The emotion displayed is too authentic and heartfelt to be just for show performance. There’s authenticity with certain songwriters that directly connect the words written to how they’re spoken and Matt Movin is a perfect demonstration of that connection.

He relays his message beautifully, and the emotion released connects to his words like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. His latest project entitled “ Movin’ Be Movin’ “ is scheduled to release on Saturday, November the 23rd. Two cuts from the album can already be found online as well as on YouTube respectively.

The first of these releases is a video entitled “All Pressure No Let Up” which has already amassed a total of 25 thousand views in just a short period of time. The second comes in the form of a potentially mainstream hit entitled “Kno you are, but what am I?” which has received much praise locally and major co-signs nationally having already accumulated over 100k streams and growing on sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and others.

The album Movin’ Be Movin’ is available for preorder now and can be purchased directly from the website

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