Messenger gets new alternate ways that let you send silent answers

  • 30-March-2022

Meta, the parent organization of Facebook, is acquainting Slack-like alternate ways with Messenger that let you do things like communicate something specific quietly or right away call up a GIF while you're talking with your companions.

Two of the alternate ways are accessible today, March 29th, as indicated by Meta: @everyone and/quiet. @everyone will allow you to tell everybody in a visit, which could be helpful if you need to try to stand out enough to be noticed. (For your companions' warnings, I implore you to kindly utilize this one capably.) However, if you need to communicate something specific without pinging the entire gathering, you'll have the option to utilize the/quiet alternate route, Meta says.

In “the coming weeks,” there will be a couple of more easy routes. /pay will allow you to send or demand cash right from the Messenger chatbox and will be accessible soon on iOS and Android in the US. Type/gif and a subject of something you need a GIF of to see a few possible choices to drop in the visit. This component will be accessible soon on iOS. Furthermore,/shrug and/tableflip, which will likewise be accessible soon on iOS, will allow you to drop the work of art ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ emojis without composing them out yourself.

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