Moe Rick Album Time is Now 2 is becoming the hit album and the reasons are here

Moe Rick Album Time is Now 2 is becoming the hit album and the reasons are here

Moe Rick is a struggling artist from Chicago all set to become a rockstar in the hip hop world. He sings raps and writes songs all by himself. He started making music in 2009 but unfortunately, MC did not notice his talent till 2015. During that time, he did not lose hope and remain strong, determined, and loyal to his talent. After a lot of struggles, he managed to get his singing talent shown to the world. His first song achieved a lot of positive feedback with which he got more motivation to release amazing songs back to back which was then released on various platforms. The hip hop industry realized his pure talent and hence Moe got the chance to rise. He has now gained more than 42k followers on Instagram.

Recently, Moe Rick shared with his fans that he will drop his new album “Time is Now 2” soon. For those who were waiting for it, your time is now. The moment is here! You can listen to the whole album on the Apple Music website.

The album contains ten tracks; all of them are true pieces of mastery. If you have heard Moe’s songs before you would know about the calm vibes it provides. In this album, all songs are capable of giving different emotions with different beats. You are heartbroken; you can listen to Love without Pain. You are in search of motivation, you can listen to Struggles or Time is Now 2. You are in love; you can listen to Baby boo. However, Exposing Me (remix) is something you cannot resist without listening hundred times as it has the calmest music and beautiful lyrics.

The album has already got amazing feedback. You can see on his Instagram when he posted about his album release, many people responded immediately by tuning in and leaving full-positive compliments.

Moe Rick was a music lover since childhood. He worked hard and stayed determined and confident to reach where he is today. It is a fact that only pure and strong talent can achieve fame and honor in the hip hop world. Moe Rick is one of those talents. We wish good luck to Moe Rick for more.   

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