Morteza Seddigh  :  21 practices for succeeding in architecture

Morteza Seddigh  :  21 practices for succeeding in architecture

Professor Morteza Seddigh is one of the best-known architects who received his doctorate in architecture in 2010 from the Iran University of Science and Technology.

In addition, he has experience teaching at the Universities of Science and Technology, Shahid Rajaei, Islamic Art of Tabriz, Qom State University, Higher Education Center of the Islamic Revolution, Jondishapur University, Azad University of Dezful, Jihad University of Qom, Chabahar International University, Deilaman Non-Profit Higher Education Institute, Payame Noor University of Tehran, Islamic Azad University of North Tehran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Kharazmi University, Islamic Azad University of South Tehran, Islamic Azad University of Arak and University of Science and Culture.

He also has sports honors in his professional records, including being a member of the Iranian national karate team and a second-class karate referee.

21 rules for succeeding in architecture from according to him

Twenty-one brief and valuable tips determine an architect’s successful and happy life. This list includes information that will surely help students and graduates but may also be helpful for those not-so-young employees who need to focus on what is essential.

1. Start your career path

You can start as an hour IDP (immigrant) after graduating from high school.

If you have not yet registered for IDP, take this step to get a license!

2. Do not enslave yourself to “conservative” companies.

Young people are the future.

Companies need to embrace young people’s ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.

Look at what older people do in the office.

Ensure the company you are interviewing for a full-time job is valued for showing expertise.

3. Network is the progress key

Get to know everyone in the architecture community and related disciplines (all ages and with any level of experience).

Do not underestimate the value of A.I.A. membership and networking opportunities.

4. Do not be angry with customers who think they know everything about architecture.

Be patient.

Learn and show multiple options (different thinking processes) to open your mind.

Be a professional.

Remember that you were educated as an “architect.”

5. Do not destroy the bridges behind.

The world of architecture is tiny.

Your actions and decisions will be remembered.

6. Look for being number 1.

This is your profession and yours alone.

Ensure you get the right experience (IDP), opportunities, and pay.

If you are not, do not stand still and move.

7. Express your opinions.

Unless heard, presented, and defended, the best ideas are never included in projects.

Most corporate processes and project details can be improved if you show decision-makers better ideas.

Managers and customers always appreciate progress.

8. You should design your profession and position.

We are all unique, unique professions/situations.

To determine what you want to do, constantly think deeply about your experiences.

Make professional decisions to succeed in this position.

9. Be different.

Develop your unique skills and abilities.

Prove how they make you a better employee and co-worker.

Potentially use these skills to stand on your own two feet.

10. Do not confuse internship with full-time work.

An internship shows you how a company or project works.

Full-time work makes you committed to responsibility and efficiency (deadline).

Full-time work leads to stress!!

11. Technology determines the way.

You have to be at the forefront of technology.

Volunteer to learn new software and lead the company’s executive work.

Learn BIM and become proficient while in college.

12. Your sustainability, opportunity, and job.

If you try to learn a lot about sustainability while in college, you will be able to share your information with current employees and be noticed.

Take the lead in sustainability in your company.

Become a LEED Green Associate member while in college.

13. You must be a champion of building sustainable environments.

You have to teach sustainability to “everyone.”

Future customers will be the result.

14. Create a forum.

Only 2% can afford the services of an architect.

What are you doing to help the other 98%?

Please include them in your forum.

15. Save this profession.

Architects are not rewarded relatively because the public does not value (or does not know) what we do.

Teach others – Share – Show – Prove how we make the world a better place.

16. Studying science does not end at university.

You have to learn continuously to be at the forefront of materials, systems, and technology.

Do not let the world overtake you.

17. Coach

Help in educating the next generation.

It is a two-way road (look back and forth).

In the process, you will learn something which will remind you why you joined the profession.

18. Never get upset.

Constantly inspire the next generation and control their energy and optimism.

Be an optimistic employee.

19. Make something.

The world is full of shapes.

Please choose one or two things and correct them.

20. Complete this task.

You have started to become an architect. So, obtain A.R.E. and become an architect.

Keep an eye out for prizes.

21. The last article

The most accessible building is a box, but architects do not design a package.

The architect’s job is to serve others through the environment’s design. Make sure your job is the best it can be in terms of serving others and helping a more sustainable world.

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