Natisa Securities LLC Releases Comprehensive Guide for Investors on How to Recover from Trading Scams

  • 12-June-2024


The surge in fraudulent trading companies has left many investors grappling with losses. These entities often lure individuals with promises of high returns and minimal risks, only to defraud them. Victims may feel embarrassed or uncertain about the steps to take, leading to underreporting of such scams. If you’ve fallen victim to a scam trading company, you’re not alone. Many people hesitate to report their losses due to embarrassment or uncertainty about how to reclaim their funds. However, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and seek justice.

The Rise of Fraudulent Trading Companies

In recent years, online trading firms promising high returns with minimal risk have proliferated. Unfortunately, many of these companies turn out to be scams, leaving investors defrauded and desperate for solutions. The prevalence of online trading firms promising high returns with minimal risks has led to a surge in financial scams. Many unsuspecting individuals find themselves entangled in these deceitful schemes, resulting in significant financial losses. To combat such fraudulent activities, it is crucial for investors to educate themselves on the workings of these companies and verify their legitimacy before investing.

Victims of scam trading companies often face difficulties in recovering their funds and holding the perpetrators accountable. The lack of regulatory oversight and the complex nature of online scams make it challenging for individuals to seek restitution through traditional channels. However, there are proactive steps that victims can take to address their losses and prevent further exploitation.

Educate Yourself

Before investing, thoroughly research any trading platform. Look for red flags such as unregistered companies or those lacking oversight from regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra). Being informed can prevent falling prey to scams.

The Helplessness of Victims

Victims often feel helpless when their investments vanish. Scammers operate with impunity, making it challenging to recover funds or hold them accountable. Even filing a police complaint may not restore your losses because:

  • The company refuses to return your money.
  • They won’t cover your losses.
  • They evade punishment.

Coping with Scam Losses

Feeling embarrassed and angry is normal after being scammed. Victims may hesitate to share their experience with friends and family. Additionally, scams often originate in distant countries, making direct contact difficult.

Reporting Challenges

Despite the stigma and emotional distress associated with being scammed, it is essential for victims to speak out and seek assistance. Reporting fraudulent companies not only helps in obtaining justice but also serves as a deterrent to potential scammers. Seeking legal representation and collaborating with fraud protection agencies can further enhance the chances of recovering stolen funds and holding perpetrators accountable. Reporting scams isn’t straightforward. Many fraudulent companies operate outside government regulation, leaving victims with no specific authority to turn to. Traditional reporting channels may not apply.

Seeking Justice

Despite the challenges, there are ways to recover your money from a scam broker or Ponzi scheme. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Immediate Action: Stop all transactions and cut off contact with the platform. They may try to extract more money from you.
  2. Contact Your Bank: Alert your bank promptly. They can help secure your accounts and prevent further losses.
  3. File Reports: Reach out to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and provide detailed information. Visit their website for instructions: CFTC Fraud Alerts.

The CFTC’s website provides detailed instructions on how to file a complaint with them: The Federal Trade Commission also lists tips for protecting yourself from fraud on their website:

  1. Document Everything: Save emails, messages, account statements, and screenshots. These serve as evidence when reporting the fraud.
  2. Legal Representation: If you don't feel like going through all this on your own or are unsure about how much effort it would take on your part, hiring a lawyer who specializes in internet-related crimes is another option that could help recover some or all of what was stolen from you by one of these scammers.
  3. Fraud Protection Agency: Another way that victims can recover their lost capital is by reporting them directly through third-party websites designed specifically for detecting and eliminating fraudulent activity online such as Natisa Securities LLC. ( This company have access to extensive databases that can provide information about potential criminals—including names, addresses, or phone numbers—and make sure these scammers won't be able to commit similar crimes again in the future.


Natisa Securities LLC is a prominent fund recovery company that offers a range of services to assist individuals in reclaiming their lost funds from fraudulent trading companies. With a strong track record of success and a commitment to client satisfaction, Natisa Securities LLC has emerged as a trusted partner for victims of financial scams. As an established player in the fund recovery industry, Natisa Securities LLC leverages its expertise and resources to help individuals navigate the complexities of financial fraud and take proactive steps towards recovering their funds. The company's team of seasoned professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and a keen understanding of the tactics used by scammers, enabling them to devise customized strategies tailored to each client's specific needs.

If you have been scammed by a fraudulent trading company, consider partnering with Natisa Securities LLC to pursue justice and reclaim what is rightfully yours.


Combating trading scams requires vigilance, awareness, and swift action. By staying informed, conducting due diligence before investing, and reporting fraudulent activities, individuals can protect themselves and others from falling victim to financial fraud. Remember, it is never too late to seek justice and reclaim what is rightfully yours in the fight against fraudulent trading practices. Remember, you’re not alone, and there are avenues to seek justice even in the face of scam losses1. Stay informed and take action to protect yourself and others from fraudulent trading practices.

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