Netflix adds support for the chip that will power the Galaxy S22

  • 31-January-2022

At the point when Netflix shares news about its similarity to different cell phones, it's quite often playing get up to speed. That is unequivocally what we saw a couple of days prior, when the organization began promoting support for Google's Pixel 6 phones. Be that as it may, occasionally Netflix switches things up, and winds up prodding how it will function with another gadget before it's even been declared. That is considerably more the sort of circumstance we wind up in this evening, as we see Netflix preparing to help Samsung's impending Galaxy S22 series.

Presently, all things considered, Netflix isn't discussing the S22 here specifically. All things being equal, what we see is that the organization has refreshed its rundown of chipsets viable with HD streams to incorporate the Exynos 2100 and Exynos 2200 (close by a couple of Unisoc chips we're not worried about). While the 2100 there is the old silicon inside some global Galaxy S21 phones, the 2200 is Samsung's simply declared chip that will more likely than not observe its direction into Galaxy S22 models.

There was never any genuine danger that Netflix wouldn't uphold a phone as conspicuous as Samsung's next lead, so this disclosure is really more scholarly than anything. In any case, we're really invigorated that Unpacked is a little more than seven days away now, and can hardly wait to see the new Galaxy phones (and tablets!) make their introduction.

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