New Apple Watch X: Release Date, Price, and Anticipated Features

  • 18-April-2024

There is a noticeable sense of excitement surrounding the release of the Apple Watch 10, also known as the Apple Watch X. Within the tech community, there is a lot of conjecture regarding the new features and advancements that Apple's renowned smartwatch will feature in its next iteration. This is a detailed summary of everything that is currently known and anticipated.

Since its launch, Apple has released nine series of watches, totaling 13 models, including special editions like the Ultra and SE models. But the tech giant continues to keep information about the much awaited Apple Watch X very secret. Nevertheless, astute observers and industry insiders have managed to extract some insights regarding what lies ahead for Apple's flagship wearable.

Apple Watch X Date of Release:

For its smartwatches, Apple has historically followed an annual release schedule. With the Apple Watch Series 9 going on sale in 2023, there is conjecture that the Apple Watch Series 10 will debut in 2024—possibly around the time of the device's tenth anniversary. Although Apple has not yet released any information, it is generally believed that the Apple Watch X will be unveiled at the company's September keynote event.

Apple Watch X Alleged Cost:

In recent years, Apple has faced scrutiny over the pricing of its products, particularly with the introduction of high-end devices like the Vision Pro. While concrete pricing details for the Apple Watch X remain elusive, industry analysts suggest that pricing may follow a similar pattern to previous releases. If past trends hold, consumers can expect base models to start at around $399 for the 41mm version and $429 for the 45mm variant. Additional features such as cellular connectivity are likely to incur further costs, with premium materials like stainless steel and titanium commanding higher price points.

Apple Watch X Features:

The most recent version of watchOS, probably version 11, is anticipated to include advanced AI features when the Apple Watch X makes its debut. There have been rumors of improvements to Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, that should make the experience more tailored to each individual user.

Industry insider Mark Gurman anticipates major improvements for the Apple Watch X in terms of fitness and health capabilities. One of the speculated features is an integrated blood pressure monitor, which would complement the gadget's current array of health monitoring capabilities. By using its sensors, the smartwatch may also be able to identify sleep apnea and notify users of any potential.

According to Gurman, the Apple Watch X will have a more streamlined and lightweight profile than its predecessors. This might mean a smaller overall size and a thinner casing, which might be accomplished by creative engineering solutions. These design improvements, however, might make it more difficult to maintain battery life and performance, so Apple's engineers would need to carefully optimize the device.

Gurman also thinks that the Apple Watch X might include a magnetic band attachment mechanism, which would allow for more customization options and possibly free up internal space for extra hardware. As a trade-off of Apple's dedication to pushing technological boundaries, this innovation may make older band accessories incompatible with the new model, even though it could offer enhanced functionality.

In Summary:

Even though the Apple Watch X's specifications are still unknown, industry watchers are optimistic about their projections because they are grounded in historical patterns and insider knowledge. The upcoming version of Apple's flagship wearable, the Apple Watch 10 or Apple Watch X, is expected to introduce a number of innovative features and enhancements, thereby reinforcing the company's leadership in the smartwatch market. Until Apple formally unveils its newest invention, enthusiasts can only look forward to the next phase of wearable technology development.

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