One to Watch: Film Director Alois Nashali

  • 07-July-2020

Beautifully Cracked Smiles filmmaker Alois Nashali is set to take the film industry by storm.

Alois Nashali started his career in filmmaking in Kenya with FilmAid International. Then later on After his move to Canada in 2016, Alois Nashali Decided to pursue the film and broadcasting industry seriously where he later went on to join Hotshoe Productions Canada as a youth photographer and facilitator hence officially kicking off his career.

Alois Nashali has Associated himself with major film industry personals with the likes of Pixie Cram, the creator of the animation Emergency Broadcast, that featured on International festivals world wide as well as the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Over the last 3 years, Alois Nashali has made tremendous progress in the film industry. In 2017, the documentary Beautifully Cracked Smiles won him the Best Director Award at the  Digi60 Awards. He was also sparkling at the 28th One World Film Festival in 2018. His documentary Through the Lens of an Immigrant was nominated among the best 5 films.

The unrelenting and ambitious Alois Nashali is now set to take up the global stage in 2020. He just released a book named after his documentary “Canada Through the Lens of an Immigrant” and he recently made an announcement on his instagram page @thisisalois that he is set to release a film dedicated to George Floyd and all the other people of color  who have been unjustly killed by the police over the years.

Speaking to us through a skype interview, Alois Nashali reiterates his plan to stick to the film industry as long as time allows him.

“I think when people talk about time and that, my mind just blows and just keep thinking to myself that finally this is my time,” Alois told us, “Not gonna say much but again my plans for this year is simply to just drop work after work, Period”.

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