Luis Angel GDD aka LuiA GDD of GDD Records is Our Celebrity in Focus – An Interview

Luis Angel GDD aka LuiA GDD of GDD Records is Our Celebrity in Focus – An Interview

Today we’d prefer to acquaint you with Luis Angel GDD.

Luis Angel, if it’s not too much trouble share your story with us. How could you get to where you are today?

Everything began when my dear companion and I chose to utilize our time more astute. We quit sitting around idly and concluded that making music was the best approach. It resembled a break that caused us to feel we were really accomplishing something profitable with our lives. Quick forward 2019 I’m making enormous moves with party bunch “Wepa.”

Has it been a smooth street?

It hasn’t been a smooth ride, there has been a great deal of learning. The vast majority contemplates making music and putting it out however that is not the truth of things. Except if you have a tutor managing you at all times likely, it will be unpleasant.

We’d love to hear increasingly about your business.

GDD Records we produce, engineer, make music recordings, internet-based life showcasing, and we’re additionally making an animation show that delineates the importance behind GDD. Starting now, our principal center is around making music that individuals like. Tell us and we’ll carry the gathering to you!

Is our city a decent spot to do what you do?

I would state not so much in light of the fact that the city of Houston it’s a greater amount of a modern spot. Dislike a Miami or Hollywood where there’s plenty of associations and individuals that will be into very similar things, for example, making music or simply being in the amusement Bussiness period. In any case, we’re making our own way and that is something beneficial for exceptional performers.

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 713-302-5387
  • Instagram: LuisAngel_GDD
  • Other: Luis Angel GDD “ YouTube”

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