Pierdavid Palumbo The New Generation Of Frank Sinatra

Pierdavid Palumbo The New Generation Of Frank Sinatra

Pierdavid Palumbo is an Italian singer and nicknamed the voice of electro swing, a genre that recalls swing, crooners and the whole world of the American jazz scene, but in a modern and alternative sound to what we already know,

Pierdavid has a warm deep voice with a vintage flavor and lot of talent, seems to have all the credentials to be a successful successor

But let’s analyze what distinguishes it from the classic swing and classic crooners

Pierdavid produced one of the most famous songs entitled my way by Frank Sinatra, in an extravagant and cheerful way, he proves to have personality and his look is unique, like no one has ever done before, all shot realized with really impressive electro swing dancers from all over the world, and the song is presented with a lot of energy and fun, completely different from the classic that cannot be compared, and for sure it leaves its mark and surprises you

Is certainly brilliant with his revolutionary ideas, and this is not tiring, gives the listener a desire to put it back in play, and we can say the electro swing is the son of swing and successor of this generation, and that is why in a generational comparison between Frank Sinatra and Pierdavid Palumbo, the past and the future that through time the swing has evolved with an electronic rhythm with jazz sounds

This project seems to have arisen from numerous instrumental plays of the genre which then led to Pierdavid to sing us, later calls the label Sifare tells him about his idea, and together they will produce my way with the arrangement of Digilio

He made space in social media for his original music and photos and toured the world making it international, also with his father in various duet among the most famous we remember the one in Havana, with that’s life and historia de un amor in Italy that have made several appearances in talk shows and television reports

Crooners and electro crooners the difference :

The crooners are singers who sing confidentially and adopt a warm and enveloping style of singing, the electro crooner is what Pierdavid did as the first one, that is to adopt electronic vocal effects and rhythms while always maintaining that warm tone with lot of power giving a modern sound.

The artist also claims to have new surprises in the future, what will they be?

The Website : https://www.pierdavidpalumbo.com/

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