Pixel 6 Users Encounter Issues Following Android 14 Update

  • 18-October-2023

While most Android 14 clients are partaking in the new highlights and extra security it gets, not every person is cheerful, as a subsection of Google Pixel 6 proprietors are detailing that the product redesign has carried with it various.

According to The Edge, the issues appear to be revolved around utilizing different profiles on a similar Android telephone. Apparently Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 Star proprietors are impacted by this, as well as those utilizing the standard Pixel 6.

As per posts on Reddit and on the authority Pixel support gatherings, clients are encountering crashes, finding their privately put away records have vanished, and receiving messages that the nearby stockpiling is full (when it isn't).

Regardless of whether this is just influencing a set number of clients, these are plainly huge issues, and clients are finding they are losing information and reseting their telephones. At the hour of composing, there's been no fix or official reaction gave by Google, however a few clients are detailing that changing to an optional profile assists with capacity access.

How various profiles work
Various profiles on Android work likewise to client accounts on Windows or macOS: they keep separate spaces on the gadget, each with their own applications, settings and customizations, so various individuals can utilize a solitary telephone or tablet.

However, these profiles don't need to be utilized by numerous individuals. One well known manner by which they're utilized is to isolate work stuff and individual stuff on a telephone, utilizing different Google accounts - and exchanging between accounts just takes a couple of taps.

With no authority input from Google it's challenging to survey what precisely is happening here, however it appears to be that Android 14 is to some degree confounded by these numerous profiles. It's bizarre however that main Pixel 6 models give off an impression of being impacted up to this point.

In the event that you own a Pixel 6 handset of some portrayal, it very well may be shrewd to hold off on the Android 14 update until this gets cleared up and a fix is moved out by Google - particularly on the off chance that you're utilizing more than one profile.

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