Popular arranger, composer and musician Ehsan Sadeghi listens to important points about arranging the song

Popular arranger, composer and musician Ehsan Sadeghi listens to important points about arranging the song

Arranging a song is one of the steps that plays a significant role in making a song more melodious. To produce a work, you need to choose a professional songwriter who can understand your lyrics and melody in the best possible way and, with his creativity, give a new spirit to the content you have.

What is song setting?

What you hear in a song, including the arrangement and structure of instruments such as drums, piano, guitar, and so on, is called tuning. Arranging a song is a long process to create a musical structure on the lyrics and melody, which is an important part of the impact of a piece. In fact, tuning a song should be done with the knowledge of what the content of the song is. For example, if the poem and melody you want is happy and the purpose of presenting it is to create a positive feeling in the listener, the arrangement of the song should inspire the same feeling many times more to the listener or vice versa. So the result is that everything you hear except the lyrics and melody in a piece is the work of arranging the song. The tuning of the template is done by the composing host software, which will provide you with many features, including VST and a composing plugin to improve the quality of the piece.

A professional arranger should be fully acquainted with the types of instruments in terms of the type of playing and also its general structure, as well as familiarity with the musical notes, which can be combined according to the melody and lyrics of the required instruments, including drums, piano and… Give; And even if the instrument is to be recorded live on that piece, a professional arranger must know how, when the musician starts playing and how it ends, and it is he who tells how each instrument is played and the division of a What is the song like? Here we mean the division of a song into sections according to which the overall structure of the work is arranged. For example, the preference section is the part of a song that is different in parts of one piece from another.

The interest in arranging and composing flourishes when you are curious to know how a song is made, for example, and this opens new windows for you to learn arranging and composing. There are many tutorials on this topic at the cyberspace level that you can use.

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