Q the Music explains the relation of the US Navy and Music in his life

Q the Music explains the relation of the US Navy and Music in his life

Michael Trucks famously known as “Q the Music” is one of the emerging songwriters and performers. He has the art of telling stories with his songs. Being a military man, he writes the songs on the basis of his life and travel experiences. More appropriately a vibe artist, Trucks knows how to blend two sides of a picture in one song. One of his most famous songs “Mine”, was received well by fans over the world.

Michael Q Trucks was born in Michigan in the city of Ludington. He spent his teenage years in this city. He was passionate about music from a young age. He met various popular singers during his teenage years, like the Weekend, partynextdoor, prince and, others.

Michael has stated that his first memory, related to music, is that he used you to dance a lot on temptation sounds. In his early schooling days, Michael used to participate in various dancing competitions held in his school. Participation in these competitions helped him to improve his dancing moves and, he gained confidence as well. For the love of dance, Michael started to teach it to young children.

When Michael made it to high school, he joined a band named “Now or Never”. In this band, he had chosen the position of a drummer. In his high school days, he earned extra money, by working on sets of several movies.

Michael Q trucks started to write and sing music when he reached the age of 14. The first song he made was while he was inside his closet and recorded it by using the guitar hero mic. Michael Q trucks joined the navy in 2015 because he couldn’t imagine he would be successful in his music career.

Despite being an army man, he couldn’t let go of his passion for music. Still, whenever he has spare time on his hands, he never let it go to make album covers. The latest Album of Q the music developed is light and dark. The Album was launched in 2019 and compromises of 4 songs. Q the music, aside from making music, helps other singers by giving them constructive criticism on their music.

His famous song “Mine” is the first track in the Dark and light Album. The songs of the album were enough to give you goosebumps and stay on your repeated playlists. Michael Q trucks have stated, “Mine is a song about meeting a special person who wants a new vibe in their life and Q brings them into his world”.

Final thoughts

Michael Q trucks is serving the US Navy and thus cannot give full attention to his music career. There is a chance that we’ll get lucky to have him back in music completely. You can check out his songs on the links given below.

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