• 24-December-2020

Fredrick John is a famous and rising singer, rapper and songwriter. He is credited for singing Spanglish songs (Spanish and English). Rainfredrick is his stage name. He is a Mexican who knows five languages. He has many other passions like acting, producing and entrepreneurship.

Fredrick is a travel enthusiast, he has travelled ninety percent of the world. Rainfredrick is singer with unmatched methods and his songs are building strong impact in the scene. He has shown his music unparalleled to anyone He usually sings Latin pop, r&b, and hip-hop. Indeed, Fredick is being recognized greatly in short period of time and his unconventional Latin music will break the barriers. Rainfredick aims to make music a source of motivation, inspiration and relief for people. Many of his songs are inspired by his personal experiences. He is immensely followed by youth on social Media. He has official accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Rainfredick is a popular singer with unique way. He sings Spanglish songs, mixture of Spanish and English, for his Spanish and English fans. He tries to create music which is understandable and loveable by majority. He is crazy about music. He have learn 5 different languages so he can sings songs in many languages.

Rainfredick is passionate about music. He surely is next artist to make an impact. His blend of singing, rapping and songwriting has deluge thousands of listeners around the world. The music he compose takes the person to nostalgic ride. His music is combination of pop and Latin which is emotion driven and storytelling lyricism.

Rainfredick impactful performances and solo songs has made him popular in very little time. He has sung newest single song called “Alessa”. “Alessa” is name of Rainfredick’s girlfriend as divulged by him. He was working on this song when he was in relationship. Unfortunately, he had a break up with his girlfriend. He did not let his personal life effect his prosession. He completed the song and it’s out now. This was not only because he is so passionate about music but he also does not want to make his fan sad. The song is romantic short-story which will in fascinate music lovers. Lyrics as so catchy and deep hearted that if someone is single will definitely feel itself in relationship.

Rainfredick’s multifaceted music and outfits, has made “Alessa” a unique Latin pop song. This is a powerful performance. Follow Rainfredick; the talented future star on your social media account and. find it on soundcloud and add his latest song “Alesaa” to your playlist.

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