Rana Lincoln Das : A Successful Personality With Unique Acting Skills

Rana Lincoln Das : A Successful Personality With Unique Acting Skills

Rana Lincoln Das Has always been very keen and interested in a lot of aspects of life, he is surely very focused in his career, cool curricular activities and also his personal life. It is said that a person who is truly successful will balance all the aspects in his life without giving less importance to anyone of them. This is the reason why he still has a few cousins and good friends in Kharagpur, Jamshedpur, Ranchi and Patna. Whenever he gets time he surely visits all of them making sure he maintains a good relationship and stays in touch. All of this is not done for any personal or selfish needs but just for the fact of making himself, as well as others, happy. In this life, we are never alone, we always have people who we think about and they surely think about us too.

Rana Lincoln Das was born in Kharagpur, West Bengal, which is approximately 130 kilometres from the city of Kolkata. As it is, Kolkata is one of the most popular cities in India and is known for producing some of the best personalities, and Rana Lincoln Das proves to be one of them. Though he was born there, for most of his life, he has lived somewhere else. For example, he completed his primary schooling from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and had also received his other higher education from there as well. In fact, it was in Jamshedpur where he started his first job. He had a lot of experience in his life because he has travelled a lot and has lived among various cultures. This concept is not given enough importance and is very convenient since it plays a big role in intellectually developing a persons mind.

At the moment Rana Lincoln Das works in sandalwood, and his grandfather’s company which is in Goa. He is multilingual and can speak Bengali, Bhojpuri, Hindi, English. This shows his versatile nature and his involvement in all aspects of life. Not only this, he also works for the Bollywood industry as well. Since his grandfather’s company deals with training facilities and a lot of the VIP members are big celebrities, he works along with Bollywood industry celebrities apart from working for them.

Rana Lincoln Das is settled in Goa and takes care of his grandfather’s along with his own business. He is a very talented man and has learnt NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) from his Grandfather Dr David Lincoln. Be it personal or professional life, Rana Lincoln Das can help everyone along. NLP is surely a life changing course.

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