Revitalizing the Advertising Industry: The Ascendance of AI-Driven Emerging Platforms

  • 07-July-2023


Based on the “2023 World Economic Situation and Prospects reportrecently published by the United Nations, there is a projected decline in global economic growth from 3.0% last year to 1.9%. However, an insightful survey conducted by eMarketer in September of the previous year revealed promising data. It indicates that the US search advertising market is anticipated to reach nearly $112 billion in 2023, nearly doubling the expenditure recorded in 2019. Furthermore, an upward trend in advertising demand can be observed across various countries. This noteworthy phenomenon demonstrates the enduring enthusiasm among merchants for advertising and marketing endeavors, despite the decelerated pace of economic progress. 

Remarkably, among the 100 most sought-after occupations unveiled by the U.S. Department of Labor and Social Security, "salesman" consistently claims the top spot throughout the year. The scarcity of skilled professionals in this field presents a significant challenge for many businesses. In the realm of advertising marketing, the importance of creative flash points cannot be overstated, as eloquently expressed by William Bernbach, the visionary advertising guru and founder of positioning advertising: "In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal."

Uncovering the Pain Points of Mobile Advertising: Accelerating Advertisers' Breakthroughs

In this context, addressing the shortcomings and leveraging the full potential of the barrel effect has become a paramount concern. While these methods may not completely resolve advertisers' challenges, they can significantly alleviate the anxieties stemming from the holistic development and barrel effect.

In the coming year, advertisers can tackle this issue through two approaches: Firstly, by leveraging increasingly advanced service providers. Prominent marketing platforms have expedited the development of their own networks of service providers over the past year, utilizing the platform's central role in the ecosystem to assist merchants in resolving the challenge of selecting and aligning with suitable service providers. Moreover, advertisers can rely on the platform's talent training and certification system. For instance, platforms such as Google Ads, InMobi, and EasyLPEC provide an extensive array of marketing solutions and services, spanning search advertising, innovative advertising approaches, and other diverse fields.

One notable platform is Google Ads, an online advertising platform that belongs to and is operated by Google. Its display advertising network reaches approximately 90% of Internet users worldwide. While it boasts a vast potential audience, there is still ample opportunity for enhancing targeted delivery. Another prominent platform is InMobi, a global mobile advertising marketing technology platform powered by artificial intelligence and performance-driven strategies. With its extensive reach across numerous apps and users globally, InMobi offers top-notch mobile advertising promotion, effective commercial traffic monetization, and valuable overseas business services for advertisers, brands, and applications.

Continuing the Legacy of Google Ads: A Multitude of Emerging Forces Ascend

According to industry experts, the most competitive media channels today are expected to possess the flexibility to undergo rigorous and comprehensive creative testing, optimize campaigns, and offer product support to cater to the demands of struggling advertisers. However, finding a dedicated, targeted, and all-encompassing advertising marketing solution provider can present certain challenges. Many advertising platforms have responded to the wave of the advertising revolution by introducing innovative solutions. A noteworthy example is EasyLPEC, which recently unveiled a new one-stop integrated performance marketing solution at the start of this year. Leveraging intelligent algorithms, it enables precise targeting of the intended audience, thereby effectively connecting and converting global consumers. This aids customers in achieving improved brand exposure and conversion outcomes, allowing brands to showcase captivating advertisements to their target demographics at the right time and on the appropriate platforms.

As American Internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose stated in an interview, "The future of advertising belongs to those who dare to embrace new platforms." Following this sentiment, numerous advertisers have fearlessly taken the first leap and started opting for these innovative platforms. This trend has given rise to a multitude of emerging players, consequently fostering the dynamic growth of the industry.

The year 2023 is poised to mark a period of recovery and transformation for the advertising and marketing industry. During this time of change, advertisers must maintain a positive and optimistic mindset, adapt swiftly to evolving circumstances, and proactively prepare for future growth. It is only by daring to forge ahead that one can truly stand out and thrive in the fiercely competitive market.


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