Samsung Unveils Galaxy Watch Ultra: 47mm Dial and LTE Support

  • 21-June-2024

The Galaxy Watch Ultra was formally announced by Samsung on its support page for Canadian customers, however the information has since been taken down. 91mobiles has previously received screenshots of these names prior to removal, though. As a flagship model in Samsung's wearable portfolio, this announcement unveils important details about the new smartwatch, including as its 47mm dial and connectivity for LTE cellular networks.


According to IT Home, Samsung is anticipated to present the Galaxy Watch Ultra at its next Galaxy Unpacked conference, which is set for July 10, 2024, in Paris, France. Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Watch Ultra in addition to the Galaxy Watch 7 series, the Galaxy Z Fold6, and the Galaxy Z Flip6 folding screen phones. Some of Samsung's most anticipated smartphones of the year are expected to be unveiled during this event.


With the Galaxy Watch Ultra, Samsung is indicating its intention to take control of the upscale smartwatch market by going straight up against Apple's Apple Watch Ultra. The device's durability and visual appeal are anticipated to be improved by the new design aspects, which include a square case and a solid circular dial. The watch will come in two color variations: dark grey and white, and both will have the recognizable orange side buttons.

Features and Design

Robust Architecture

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is set to have a 47mm dial, positioning it among the most sizable smartwatch options. This dimension is required to provide the wristwatch a more substantial presence while supporting a larger display and additional functionality. A distinctive fusion of classic and contemporary smartwatch aesthetics is intended to be provided by the square case and round dial combination.


LTE cellular network capability is one of the Galaxy Watch Ultra's best features. Users may access vital apps and services and maintain connectivity without having to keep their cellphones close by thanks to this functionality. Active individuals might benefit most from LTE support since it allows for seamless music streaming, communication, and other activities while they are on the go.

Customization and color options available.

There will be two color options for the Galaxy Watch Ultra: dark grey and white. Both versions have eye-catching orange side buttons. Users can match their style with alternatives based on these color selections. Furthermore, the device's general design is given a dash of flair by the orange buttons. Customers who care about style will find the Galaxy Watch Ultra to be an aesthetically pleasing option because to its unique buttons and color scheme.

Samsung's approach to the wearables market

Samsung wants to make a stronger impression on the competitive wearable industry with the launch of the Galaxy Watch Ultra. Users seeking a premium experience will find the device's strong construction and high-end features ideal. The new watch from Samsung will go up against the Apple Watch Ultra, much like its predecessors. These devices seem like they will stand out in the market based on their features.


Exciting news has emerged regarding Samsung's wearable device lineup: the Galaxy Watch Ultra has been officially confirmed. Along with LTE support and a chic appearance, this watch will include a 47mm dial. So, it's expected to become a major player in the market for high-end smartwatches, just like other Samsung watches. The eagerness for the official reveal of this remarkable new gadget only grows as the Galaxy Unpacked conference draws near. The business plans to showcase several devices at the event.

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