Samuel Kwame Boadu is Building Success Haven Together With Ghana's Youth

  • 29-August-2021

Samuel Kwame Boadu Is dragging Ghana’s Youth Along To Success Unless you are a visitor or not well versed in Ghana’s business landscape, you might have heard of Samuel Kwame Boadu and his SamBoad Story. Samuel Kwame Boadu who started out with business services right after completing his national service raced through many businesses such as Mobile Money, sales of Lands and properties, constriction and logistics  which enabled him raise  funds enough to veer into the business sector. Buoyed with admiration for leaders in the business sector, he settled on a micro-credit services too which meant he had to suspend his other businesses to fully focus on his financial aid services. The result is what we see today- a home-grown business institution- SamBoad Business Group Limited Since its inception, SamBoad Business Group Limited has diversified its operation over the years, with additional initiatives such as branding services, insurance and investment advisory services to both individuals and institutions nationwide. SamBoad Business Group Limited is currently providing direct employment to about 60 people and serving a clientele base in excess of 900,000 through partnerships Samuel Kwame Boadu has been featured on international media outlets including Yahoo News, Influencive, Thrive Global, , Fox News, NBC News, CBS News and many others but as he openly admits, the journey hasn’t been plain sailing,”…I have failed in many and have also had reasonable success in a few. More importantly, I believe that all of those failures have made me better,” he said in an interview with News Headline. Although being an entrepreneur seem to many a glamorous field, it comes with it downsides. When Samuel Kwame Boadu was asked how he spends his leisure time, he noted,”… I’m either doing or thinking of what to do. When I started, I used to have a fun life but as this journey got more involving and my responsibilities got bigger, I sort of got more withdrawn.” Through all these, he has dedicated part of his busy schedule to  teach many youth in his over 9,000 member Facebook Group named “Learn with Samuel Kwame Boadu” Through his constant sharing of  his experience on many platforms, he organizes business seminars for young entrepreneurs detailing them on how his successful journey started and how they can scale up their business ideas to fruition. Aside this, he uses the power of social media, Facebook and Instagram to be precise to inspire the youth to press on with their entrepreneurial ambitions no matter the hurdles they are constantly faced with. Testimonies of how such Facebook posts have transformed lives and propelled positive results are evident the Review section of his official Facebook page for everyone to see. Important Links and Social Media - Instagram Facebook Linkedin www.linkedin/in/iamsamboad Twitter Website Personal Website Media Contact - Visit Website

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