Spirit Airlines expects flight retractions to proceed

Spirit Airlines expects flight retractions to proceed

Generally 50% of Spirit Airlines flights were dropped on Thursday — and will be again on Friday for a fifth consecutive day — as the carrier keeps on dropping many trips over time because of “functional difficulties” and personnel shortages that have tossed the spending aircraft out of sync.

The carrier dropped 446 flights, or 56% of its trips on Thursday, as per FlightAware.

Spirit Airlines President and CEO Ted Christie said the cancelations come as the carrier attempts to reset itself after broad “disruption,” he said in a meeting with ABC News.

“When we reach this level of disruption, being able to recover does require a lot of resources, we’re not built to deal with this level of disruption and I think there’s some learning in there about how we might create variability in staffing so that we can deal with it,” he told ABC News.

“When we started canceling our crews got dislocated throughout the system. They were in the wrong places at the wrong time. And we needed to start to build that puzzle back together again. And unfortunately that takes our group a lot of time to do. So we started canceling deeper and deeper into the operation to give them that time,” Christie continued.

“The good news is that’s now finally starting to bear some fruit. We are starting to turn the tide here and get our operation moving again, there will still be cancellations over the next few days, but we can start to build back to the full operation, and then build from the takeaways that we get from this last week.”

Carriers have attempted to keep up with staffing levels after COVID-19 wrecked benefits — despite the fact that aircrafts got government subsidizing dependent upon them staying away from cutbacks.

American Airlines had all the earmarks of being in the groove again after additionally battling with staffing and other postpone gives recently, just dropping 1% of its trips on Thursday, as per FlightAware.