Spokane allergen Expert gives tips for our forthcoming allergy season

  • 03-April-2019

Spring time can be delightful. But irritating, in case you're managing a scratchy throat and itchy eyes. On a wonderful bright day - like today - you in all likelihood need to spend it outside. yet if you have allergies, those side effects may be getting in the way of that.

More than half of all Americans, about 54%, said they suffer from allergies. They're the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the US, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

It's that season when the sky is blue, trees are looking more full, and the grass is looking greener. It is spring time in the Inland Northwest.

Be that as it may, as your eyes bask in the sights of the season, they may likewise be somewhat scratchy in light of the fact that it's allergy season.

"Probably the most stereotypical thing you'll see is someone with a dandelion and it's dried out and they'll kind of blow those," said Steve Kernerman, physician at the Spokane Allergy and Asthma Clinic.

That image isn't actually true.

"Most of the pollen that people are allergic to and have issues with. They can't see it," Kernerman said.

Pollen not just originates from blooms, it's in our grass and trees. Particularly birch trees, you'll remember it from its white trunk.

While the blooming greenery is beautiful, it's causing some inconvenience for us and our children. Who, specialists said, don't always realize they have allergies.

"Parents will usually notice the congestion, the runniness, the rubbing the nose, the itchiness, the allergic salute," Kernerman said.

Specialists prescribe taking medicine to support your symptoms, and you can likewise time your day as indicated by the normal pollen count.

"First thing in the morning when pollen counts are a little bit higher later in the day. Particularly, a windy day - maybe that would be a better day not to be outside," Kernerman said.

on the off chance that neither of those techniques help, it's a great opportunity your specialist a call.

"I always like people to think, or to remember, that there are options. There are treatment options, and they don't have to simply suffer through, what around here is, the most beautiful time of the year," Kernerman said.

While allergies - unlike flu and cold symptoms - are not contagious, doctors said it's still a good idea to practice healthy habits, like covering your cough and sneeze.

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