Startup Fortune Shows How to Engage Audience with Curated Visual Content

Startup Fortune Shows How to Engage Audience with Curated Visual Content

No matter, if you only start your path in digital marketing, or already an experienced player in this field, you might find yourself overwhelmed with information. It is especially relevant now when all the businesses are moving online and digital marketing strategies become a hot topic all over the world. Startup Fortune aims to collect the most relevant information and present it in the most accessible step-by-step manner, so digital marketers would always be able to stay on the front line of the industry even while working from home.

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The use of infographics makes information accessible, viral, and applicable. There are several features which make this manner of data organization one of the main tools of a successful digital marketing career

  • Eye-catching. Our brain accepts 90% of information through visual images. Infographics make data easy to understand and remember.
  • Portability. Unlike endless unreadable bedsheets of text or PDF files, infographics organize data in the most compact, easy to find, and share manner.
  • Viral Capabilities. User-friendly design is one of the most important features of infographics. Those eye-catchy images are designed to be memorable and easily shared in social media or forums to spread information fast and easy.
  • Step-by-step guiding. New trends appear every day. Algorithms of social media are changing and policies of digital marketing get updated sometimes even faster than marketers manage to comprehend them. Infographics provide all the information in the easiest step-by-step manner. It is the most user-friendly way to learn about new features and even discover innovative digital marketing tools. Instead of pouring on you tons of useful but inapplicable information Startup Fortune infographics provide you with systemized guides.

The team has recently shared an incredible infographic on digital marketing, especially for affiliate marketing on how to begin and reach the first customer. The infographic which has gone viral on social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can be found on Startup Fortune website.

We don’t only live in a digital era – it is a visual era. Trying to save time and energy, we are constantly looking for a way to collect, organize, and provide information most efficiently. Infographics are a perfect solution in this matter. They are eye-catchy and user-friendly data vaults that make information accessible, convenient, and easy to spread.

More updates from the SF team about their visual marketing and content strategy can be found on their Instagram at

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