Steps of making a song from Javad Safaee language

  • 23-May-2022

The song is a rhythmic and sometimes non-rhythmic music that contains happy, sad, soothing, descriptive and lyrics. In ancient times, poets used to compose their own poems without the use of musical instruments. Over time, with the development of technology and increasing human intelligence, musical sounds were discovered, and based on it, various musical instruments such as string instruments, percussion instruments, etc. were invented. Some of these instruments still retain their originality and are still used in the composition of various songs after centuries. The purpose of the above was to acquaint you in detail with how instruments were invented, because basically most songs come with an instrument and we have almost no songs without an instrument. But the basis of composing a song is the poem and its melody, that is, without a proper lyrics and melody for it, it will be practically impossible to compose a song. Of course, non-verbal songs can be considered an exception to this. Javad Safaee, a famous Iranian musician and singer, who has surprised the Iranian music world with 9 magnificent works, was born in Tehran. He has been interested in Iranian music since he was a child and in 13 years he made his first independent music. he is doing it. Entered, he has always tried to be in the best position of Iranian music, he managed to become famous with the antidote music of the market at the age of 15, he likes hip hop style very much and has a lot of music in this regard.

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