Strengthen your vision, see architecture, speech by Sarvenaz Sharifi, Iranian entrepreneur

  • 21-April-2021

Sarvenaz Sharifi, born in 1984 architect and iterior designer of more than so luxury and modern Construction projects in Iran, Qatar, USA and Canada. She is the CEO of Abraj stable Construction and Design Company for the past 10 years. She was invited to teach at the Islamic University in Tehran in 2019.

One of the important points that can be mentioned is to see the architectural cases. If I want to tell you about my experience, it is that I choose a specific space and city and go to see it to see its architecture and buildings. Last year, when I visited that building, it was completely different, and it is different. I see the points of things o and things that I did not see last year with this architectural act, they say, pay close attention. Architecture is only a visual art in the beginning. One of the dimensions of visual arts are actually through seeing.

First, they see an example of your work. After seeing, it is either an example your work after seeing, it is either a gullary that they visit or a hotel where they stay or … so the first step is to see, then the next issues came in also, your initial Connection with the master o I of architecture is through seeing, so take seeing very seriosly. It would definitely be said that one of the Low-quality architectures is that you can see the architecture and not criticize it among yourself. Do not criticize your colleague's work in any way even if Lone of them said in front of you, you answer with a smile and say that he must have had some the comments about this work. But the very important points are that you can learn more from the bad point o of architecture than the good points of architecture and all these are on the condition that you see it architecturally.

Be in this space, sit down and see what bothers you, I was in one of the study groups that I worked with previous students on space sensations, they used to say that you enter a restaurant and say to yourself how pleasant it is, how much you like it and the next series as an architect, pay attention to why, even takes notes from the window light of the furniture and everything you see. Therefore, seeing architecturally is one of the most important topics, it makes you feel asif you are in the university of architecture every day, whether in good programs on in programs that are at home or in family and restaurants and you constantly exploring ideas. Train and strengthen your eyes so that you can see architectually.

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