Summer Games Done Quick 2020 will be an online-only

  • 08-June-2020

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the current year's edition of Summer Games Done Quick will be an online-only affair.

The week-long charity speedrunning marathon had just been pushed back until August for coronavirus-related reasons, however, coordinators have surrendered that it can't proceed as a physical event.

Even though speedrunners and onlookers won't be meeting up face to face as arranged in Bloomington, Minnesota, SGDQ will in any case occur from August 16th-23rd on the side of Doctors Without Borders.

The latest major GDQ occasion occurred in April, with a three-day stream in the help of COVID-19 relief efforts.

Canceling the physical version of SGDQ 2020 was an inevitability, however, it's a disgrace. Some portion of the fun of viewing a GDQ event is in the energy the group brings to defining moments.

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