T-Mobile announces a new Ultra Capacity 5G achievement by giving away $225 to everyone

  • 13-December-2022

T-Mobile released several uplifting news today. To inform their customers that they now have more customers, they made the first announcement. The Un-carrier announced in a press release that 260 million people are currently connected to its Ultra Capacity 5G network. This is an accomplishment they have made a long time in front of their year-end plan.

In addition, they have nationwide deployed a brand-new mid-band Ultra Capacity 5G layer, according to the announcement. On account of their consistent development, the organization's general 5G footprint keeps on developing. They now serve 323 million people and cover more square miles than AT&T and Verizon put together.

The fact that everyone will be able to experience what it's like to be a T-Mobile customer is the other good news that T-Mobile announced today. This is because, in addition to their wireless service, their customers receive an additional $225 per month.

T-Mobile will give away $225, $22.50, and $2,250 in free cash at T-Mobile ATMs in the Mall of America in Minneapolis and T-Mobile Signature Stores in Chicago, Santa Monica, and Times Square, as stated in another press release. If you're interested, you can get cash from a T-Mobile ATM on December 16 at 10 a.m. local time while supplies last. You can enter to win money on this website even if you are not close to a T-Mobile ATM.


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