The 1st rap artist/engineer shows how’s he’s best at both things.

The 1st rap artist/engineer shows how’s he’s best at both things.

Working as an engineer and making quality music at the same time Rap artist West Crav proves he can do both. Going as Marcus Strider in his day job and the Hip-hop artist West Crav at night this double sided rapper does both well. He tells us “Being a rapper and a engineer at the most famous computer company Intel is for sure harder than is sounds. 17 years at Intel and just only 2 years working at Intel I dropped my 1st mixtape.” With his 3rd studio album about to be released his work ethic only grows.

Most people have trouble working 1 job or just trying to make it in the Hip-hop industry only. The odds of becoming a main stream artist are extremely hard and with the pandemic, keeping a job is hard enough. How West Crav manages to do both at the same time is task alone.

Having his degree in Computers And Electronics and being 1 of the go to guys at Intel West Crav seems to have both under control. Crav has raised the bar with his dynamic rap styles and unique music videos, he’s 1 of the elites in Phoenix and the West Coast in general. March 20th marks the release for “3D Vision” his 3rd studio album and also the 17th year anniversary since he’s been working for the fortune 500 company.

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