The Anticipated Instagram Update

  • 15-November-2019

Samuel Guzman known as CoachSamuelG globally has made a very impactful step in the social media realm. With Instagram being his strong point holding 209k followers as of November 2019. He had this to say about Instagram’s new changes that are supposed to take place this week.

“I think Instagram hiding the number of likes on a person’s post is a very well thought out plan. This will be better for most users and will remove that cloudy judgment of “how many likes does this post have.” I believe this is a message from Instagram letting us know that they are in charge, and know-how to shape up the neverending growth platform to adjust for our own mental wellbeing.”

With these new Instagram updates coming out, all bets are on the table that more shocking updates will be soon to follow as many beta testing are done in other countries well before it hits the United States. For more information on Samuel Guzman, you can find his social media links and articles he was featured on previously below.

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