The Art Of Buildings With Majed Veysel

The Art Of Buildings With Majed Veysel

It is absolutely true that Art is everywhere you look for it. It is something that allows people to form an emotional attachment. Art makes a place more relevant to society by humanizing it.

It is believed that Art is something that has always shared a blurred line with the architecture. 

Art is an important component of many buildings because buildings need to have an emotional impact and peace to make them function as an occupiable space. In the artworks of a few artists, you can clearly discover the art of buildings. Today, we will be talking about one such artist, Majed Veysel.

Majed Veysel is an architect, designer and photographer. His Instagram account revolves around the combination of photography and architecture. The subjects of these photographs are mainly structures like buildings, bridges, sculptures, etc. This type of photography is called architecture photography.

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There are many architecture photographers on Instagram but the thing that sets Majed apart is his unique style of presentation. All his photos are black and white in colour and they also have great detail and composition. Majed believes that When colours are stripped away from an image, only the essence of the scene remains. And photography then becomes a game of contrast between light and shadows and black and white are the purest colours in all forms for his line of work, especially architecture. When shapes matter more than anything, black and white bring them all out.

You can clearly notice how all his pictures have great detail and depth. This is because of the effort that he put into his work. Architecture photography may sound simple but it is not. There are many things that you will have to consider to capture a good shot of a building. We have shared some tips for architecture photography below.

Consider Natural Light- If you want to click a picture of a building from the outside, you should always do it in the presence of sunlight. Even when you are clicking interior photographs, try getting a good amount of natural light into your camera sensor. This is because natural light is way more superior than artificial lightning.

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Explore different angles- Try capturing the pictures of the same building in different angles. The height you take the picture from also plays a key role.

Look for shapes and lines- While clicking the picture of a building, look for shapes and lines. These lines and shapes can help you in drawing attention to the main subject.

Use a Tripod or Stabilizer- A tripod or stabilizer is not just meant to shoot videos. You should always make use of a stabilizer or tripod so that it can help you in capturing stable images also.

Get Perfect results with Post Processing- You can take help of Software’s like Photoshop and Lightroom to edit your pictures to get the perfect results.

These tips can help you capture incredible pictures just like Majed Veysel. His work has made him an inspiration for thousands of photographers from all across the globe. We wish him all the best for his future projects.

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