The Clout Dealer You Didn’t Know About, but Certainly, Want on Your Team

  • 17-May-2020

Meet the clout dealer everyone is talking about. Pierre Balian of Los Angeles, CA is an independent A&R who specializes in digital marketing and promotions in the entertainment industry. Focuses on music and fashion, he’s been able to attack the scene from both angles and create quite the name for himself among his peers. Pierre was a former Olympic figure skater, who’s created his own lane in the music industry. He began his journey in music when he discovered the power of social media. In 2014, he would go on the road with DIGIFEST where he would make a name for himself in the social media word. Now that he’s on the radar of celebrities and influencers alike, he launched his marketing company, “For The Culture Couture”. Having been around the entire world of social media royalty, his Rolodex is priceless.

Pierre helped launch many brands by providing influencers with brands deals way before brand deal were even a thing on social media. He quickly became “the plug” to many social media influencers who wanted to get into the music scene. In recent years, Pierre has been credited for a few international releases and is currently expecting a few releases with Warner Music Group(Brazil) and Sony Music. Keep up with Pierre by following his Instagram and stay tuned for what’s in store for the summer.

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